Gear up for 2017 with this digital media trend that you cannot ignore: Mobile Marketing

While 2016 approaches its end, it’s time for us to gear up and understand what are the new trends that follow with the new year.

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In the last few years, there have been a couple of things that have had a deep effect on the way we live, work, play and socialize. The key change was brought in by mobile devices. It makes our life easier, starting from sending emails and texts to incorporating cameras, GPS navigation, menu ordering and entertainment. I am sure none of us could’ve predicted that the humble “brick” would evolve to become such an integral part of our digital lifestyle.

While the end of each year marks what has been and what will be. Well, with the coming year, I am sure Mobile Marketing steals the limelight yet again. Although, in 2016, most of the organizations got the basics of mobile marketing right. They had the perfect responsive website design making it ‘mobile-friendly’ to their audience but what they missed out on was the tailored experience across various devices. Google’s recent move to reduce rankings of sites using pop-ups has made companies deliver a better mobile experience to its customers. Therefore, I believe that the trend in 2017 will definitely involve optimizing mobile interactions and detailed optimizations to provide a better-tailored experience for various devices and encourage conversions through adaptive design.

“Mobile is the future, and there is no such thing as communication overload”. – Eric Schmidt

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As trends grow, we need to grow with them. Below are a couple of key considerations for organizations to keep up with the mobile marketing trends of 2017.

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Mobile Apps
Data clearly shows that the mobile apps have the best user experience. The highest amount of time customers spend is through mobile applications. To add to the list, the number of transactions customers finalize via mobile applications are increasing by the day. Therefore, if your organization still doesn’t have a mobile app. 2017 is the year to have one.


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Pay attention to visuals
The less you talk, the more you show. The more you show, the better the people understand and engage. 2017 is going to be the year of visuals. Starting with the images to videos to emojis, I am sure these will be massively used to grab eyeballs in the market.

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Use Beacon devices
Location based marketing has already made its mark in the last few years. It’s time that companies that this aspect of mobile marketing more seriously and use devices such as Beacon to help companies drive traffic and increase conversion rates and sales volume.

Apart from the above considerations, there are plenty of tools available for marketers to stay on track with Mobile Marketing. One can use tools such as 4Info or AdMob by Google to market their brand. However, the massive watch out for businesses is to use the tool or platform that works for them.

How is the future going to be?

The uncut picture is that mobile is used now more than ever for numerous activities. Gone are the days where you had different apps for different activities. 2017 will be the year that brings in a new technological change in mobile marketing where consumers can leverage all information that they need under one roof, based on their location, needs, usage, and other demographics.

The infographic below explains the best practices workflow for a digital strategy and facts to support that mobile marketing is the digital media trend for 2017.

Mobile Marketing_Infographic

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