Visual storytelling using Adobe Spark : Yay or Nay?


Right when I was thinking about making a video with great background and music, I stumbled upon Adobe Spark. Oh boy ! This is by far the most simple and great graphics tool that I’ve tried out. Adobe Spark is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t let your creativity down. It has an amazing interface, it is easy and fun to put in your content for the video. I love the fact that the app comes with a set of free background music to add to your video. Adobe Spark is also a content focused app where one can start the video with an image and then continue the story with a decoration of text.
This time I tried out Adobe Spark on my iPhone for visual storytelling and this is how my video turned out

Adobe Spark allows you to either upload the pictures from your camera roll into the artboard or click the pictures as you make the story/video. However, with this project, I chose to click the pictures before editing on the app.

I started off by selecting the type of story I wanted to create:

Step 1


Selecting the type of story

Step 2


Adding the pictures to your storyboard


Choosing a layout

This is the step where you add images from your library or other social media platforms to make a story. You can edit the layout, fonts, slideshow timing and preview it and understand how your story looks. You can also record any music or your voice using the recording button on the timeline.

Step 3


Apply the theme

In this step, you apply any theme that you want to your story to make it look more visually appealing.

Step 4


Add the music

You can choose from the set of music available in their app or use your own music from your library.

Step 5


Share it

Adobe Spark allows you to share the story across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. It also allows you to share it to your camera roll.

The best part of Adobe Spark is that there is no limitation to the amount of graphics that you can create. I particular love that they’ve the voice over or the recording option which allows us to give a narration to the video. This make storytelling more interesting.

I feel Adobe Spark is the best application for impactful and visual storytelling. While there are plenty of graphics tools available in the market, I feel Adobe is the best.

Yayyy Adobe Spark!

Do you want to know more about how to make a post on Adobe Spark?
Check this video to understand better about this simple yet creative application.


What are the other platforms you’ve tried for visual storytelling? I would love to know more about such amazing platforms. Please do leave your suggestions in the comment section.