My take on online and desktop image editors

All of us love to post pretty pictures on social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we want our pictures to look great. Applying filters for our pictures help us in creating beautiful images. I am sure this opened the door for new online image editors and apps in the market. 
A couple of years ago, I used Photoshop or Illustrator for editing images. However, now that we have some really good apps and online images editors, I have completely stopped using these tools for my social media posts.

These online image editors and apps are handy when I am traveling or when I have to post something instantly on Instagram or Facebook and don’t have access to any of the editing software. 

In this post, I would like to show you how good one can edit images using these online image editors and apps. 

It’s fall when you smell pumpkin spice. Lindt Chocolates have recently introduced a limited edition of their Pumpkin Spice Lindor and I decided to edit two images(limited edition pumpkin spice and signature milk chocolate)  of Lindor from Lindt Chocolates to let the audience know that it’s the season of their favorite flavored chocolates.

Lindt- logo


Picture before edit


For this image, I used a free picture editing app on the Appstore called PicMonkey.

First, I altered the size so that it could be big enough for any social media post. I cropped the picture keeping the image resolution for Pinterest in mind. I started off by increasing the brightness and added the filter ‘tranquil’ to make the colour orange look brighter. I then added a couple of Fall leaf stickers just to add to the season and the pumpkin spice flavor. Since the flavor is limited edition, in my image I wanted to convey the message that the pumpkin spice flavored Lindor are very limited in the stores. Hence I added some text to the image using the font ‘Quicksand’.

Picture after edit



Picture before edit


Lindt Chocolate’s signature milk Lindor comes in different packages. The new addition to the milk chocolate’s family is the square Lindor boxes. I used Canva, a desktop image editor to edit this image. Firstly, I started off by cropping the image to the size compatible with Facebook. This image just needed subtle editing because it was shot under good lighting. I used the filter ‘Cali’ and reduced its intensity to 20% to brighten the colors of the boxes and reduced the shadows to 30%. Lastly, I added some text using the fonts ‘Great Vibes’ and ‘Cinzel’ to convey the message that milk Lindor are the most exquisite chocolates.

Picture after edit

Smooth, melting, luscious

While using these two platforms for image editing, I found editing on the mobile phone to be easier than the desktop. There are heaps of apps available in the App Store which is less time consuming than the desktop editors.

I hope this post gave you an insight about the mobile and desktop image editors. I would love to hear about the apps or platforms that you’ve used for editing images.
Please drop your suggestions in the comment section 🙂