Bath and Body Works : Fresh and Fabulous Fall Fragrances


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Bath and Body Works is an American retail brand. It has some of the most, aromatic and exquisite bath and beauty products. The retail and the online store have products ranging from body care, hand soaps, sanitizers to home fragrance. It is a one stop shop for fabulous and exotic fragrances, perfect gifts, and spa at home luxuries at extremely affordable prices. The brand’s collection is very diverse ranging from seasonal fragrances to all-time favourite such as Japanese Cherry Blossom. Bath and Body Works caters to both men and women who love experimenting with various kinds of fragrances and body care.

The concept for Bath and Body Works

With the fall season, there’s a chill in the air and a blanket full of autumn colours. Bath and Body Works are all stocked up with their fall fragrances. The brand is promoting their fabulous fall fragrances through their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Bath and Body Works also reposts the pictures clicked by their customers using their product on the social media pages. This urges the customers to create more content and share it on the social media. In a way, Bath and Body Works creates amazing user generated content just by reposting the pictures posted by their customers (a good marketing tactic, isn’t it?)
Below are some of the Fall Faves and Signature Collection of Bath and Body Works products.

All the pictures were shot on iPhone 6 camera.

Concept 1:
What’s in my ‘Hello Gorgeous’ cosmetic bag?

Concept 1

The popular ‘What’s in my bag?’ is a trend followed by many beauty bloggers. It creates a very attractive picture describing the contents in their beauty bag. It uses the knolling effect that allows Bath and Body Works customers to share what’s in their bag.
Applications used:
Snapseed: Cropped the picture and increased the brightness and exposure.

Concept 2
This Fall, let them fall for your fragrance!

Concept 2

It’s October, there’s a chill in the air and there’s a blanket full of colorful autumn leaves on the ground. This definitely calls for a new fall fragrance stock up. Bath and Body Works have stocked up their fall favorite fragrances which are loved by many. Smell fresh and fabulous in this sweater weather.
Applications used:
Repix: Increased the brightness and highlights and decreased the shadows to give it a more earthy/autumn look.
Patterns and repetition

Concept 3
What are you shopping today?

Concept 3

Women (even men, actually!) loving sharing what they’ve shopped with their friends and family. A picture of a shopping bag full of exotic body care and home fragrances will surely trigger the urge to run to the nearest B&BW store for a quick shopping bag refill.
Applications used:
Instagram: Used the Sierra filter for the autumn look and tilt shift to hide the sharpness of the grass and to highlight the shopping bag.
Leading lines

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