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Beyond Words

Just one picture and I have a thousand thoughts swirling in my mind. I wonder how a picture can stir such intense emotions in us? Some pictures just calm us, while some other pictures almost transport us decades back taking on a memory roller coaster. When words come short, I am sure pictures can do the talking! No wonder why Instagram is such a hit. 😐

I was browsing through Instagram and I came across a post from Ray-Ban, one of my favourite brands, just not for the glasses and style but for the way the brand connects with people. I went through their feed and found these two below pictures to be quite interesting:

So much for technology; We stay connected 24/7 either through phone or the internet but I feel that there still seems to be a void. I loved this picture where everyone on their commute is hooked to their phones and there are just two people who are making a real conversation with a face-to-face interaction. Well, this makes me think, the world inside the screen is exciting, however, the world outside is beautiful too. Don’t you think? Ray Ban surely deserves a 10/10 for the superb visual and for nailing the message!

Dare to take the stage in front of fans and critics alike // #ItTakesCourage

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The only thing constant in life is being judged. We get judged for our looks, for the way we talk, the kind of work we do, what we wear, what we eat, etc. The list is indeed endless. It does take a lot for someone to ignore being judged and stay true to what they are, what they feel and believe in. I feel people are either going to critique or compliment you no matter what, so don’t bother, be what you are! And the picture above just mirrors this beautifully!

I would love to hear what you think about these visuals in the comment section. Please do comment. 🙂

Image Source: Ray-Ban